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Meet Our Staff

Our qualified therapists & counselors fall into the following professional categories:


Our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are seasoned professionals that have attained a Master's Degree or higher in psychology or a related field and are experienced in treating a variety of issues in counseling. Marriage and Family Therapists work with a specific emphasis in addressing relational issues when counseling individuals, couples, and families. 


Our Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapists have attained their Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology or a related field  and have experience counseling individuals, couples, and families. Registered Associates assume a counseling role under the supervision of a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. 


Our Registered Associate Professional Counselors have attained their Master's Degree in Psychology or a related field and have experience counseling individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Associate Professional Clinical Counselors at Family Focus also work with couples and families and assume a counseling role under the supervision of a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

PRACTICUM STUDENTS/TRAINEES:  Our practicum students and trainees are counseling students in their last year of graduate school attaining their Master's Degree and counsel under the supervision of a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.


Clinical Supervisor


With over a decade of clinical experience, I help individual adults seeking to better manage symptoms of distress and anxiety. My clients often initiate therapy feeling overwhelmed or burnt out after experiencing new or recurrent symptoms of panic, racing thoughts, and negative beliefs and are at a loss as to why their relationships and daily lives seem harder to navigate. I support my clients in regaining a sense of empowerment rather than feeling trapped and powerless.


My experience in working with clients struggling with the physical and emotional impact of trauma and anxiety includes training in EMDR, an evidence-based approach to therapy that may benefit clients that haven't experienced significant relief through their past pursuits of traditional talk therapy. 

I work with each of my clients to find the best way to move toward positive growth, healing, and fulfilling relationships through an accepting, affirming and supportive therapeutic environment. Starting therapy can be intimidating, so my approach tends to be relaxed and conversational. I’ve witnessed incredible growth in the context of an authentic and safe therapeutic relationship.

I deeply value effective and high quality clinical care. This informs the work I do as a clinical supervisor of counselors and therapists pursuing licensure in California as well as a passion for providing therapy to pre-licensed therapists entering the mental health field. 


-Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology - Azusa Pacific University 


– Optum (UHC)

Emily VanNortwick
Jennifer Osborn



I consider it a privilege to be a therapist here at Family Focus Counseling. I am passionate about seeing people healed and set free from the pain that comes from trauma, unwanted behaviors, low self-image, and broken relationships. Therapy is about change and I am here for you to see you reach your goals. I approach therapy in a non-judgmental way in which I come alongside you and explore the goals you have for yourself. The method I embrace focuses on both strengths and potential growth areas through an edifying relationship.


I want to come alongside you by providing a safe environment in which healing and change occur. My experience and training consist of working with those who struggle with depression, anxiety, emotion dysregulation, relationship conflicts, low self-image, trauma, and single or dual diagnosis. I also have experience working with those who live with severe mental illness. I approach a person as an individual and use interventions according to your need. I am trained in EMDR for Trauma and Prepare/Enrich for marital/premarital counseling.


I graduated from Southern California Seminary with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and have a Master of Arts in Religion with an emphasize in Spiritual Formation from Northwest Nazarene University. My undergraduate degree is in Pastoral Counseling from Nazarene Bible College. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has a desire to see any person who comes to Family Focus find hope and healing. I want to hear your story and hear your pain. I am here for you and excited to get to know you in the goals you have in working towards change.


Supervised by Emily VanNortwick LMFT #120571

I am a warm and compassionate professional therapist with a Christian world view approach to counseling.  I offer tools that are both Psychological and Biblical that can assist people through their life transitions, stressful circumstances, and changes.  


I believe we all desire to be loved and accepted for who we are.  Often during our lives we experience disconnection, isolation, turmoil, loneliness and a need to find meaning.  It is my goal as a therapist with the power of God's word to assist my clients to better understand their experiences, assist in the changes necessary to live the way they were meant to live, and to have the relationships they desire.  


I have worked with older male and female adults suffering from depression with Union Pacific Asian Communities.  My work has also included interning at Family Focus Counseling which enabled me to work with adolescents, adults, and couples. I was a ministry leader for the Rock Church Single Parent Family Ministry teaching and providing biblical guidance to parents and children.  I have also completed a 40-hour Domestic Violence training.


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from San Diego State University and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University.  I am currently serving Family Focus as a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist under the supervision of Emily VanNortwick, LMFT#120571.



Stephanie Velez.jpg
Stephanie Velez



Supervised by Emily VanNortwick, LMFT #120571

What if I told you, "I see you?" What would that mean to you? Would that mean a person that listens with open ears, a person that supports you, someone that authentically cares, or all the above? As a Marriage and Family Therapist trainee, I am able to do just that. Hi there! My name is Lita Bowie and I am an empathetic, warm, and fun clinician currently completing my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. I have the pleasure of offering therapy to clients of Family Focus Counseling.


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and I have extensive professional experience working with families, mothers, and youth of various ages. I provide clinical support to children, adolescents, and individual adults struggling with addictive behaviors, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and perinatal mood disorders. As a therapist trainee, I am passionate about serving communities that may not otherwise have the resources necessary to access help. I support the mission of Family Focus Counseling as a 501(c)(3) non-profit of providing significantly reduced rates and low-fee services to clients experiencing financial need. I utilize attachment theory as a foundation in my work with clients to understand relational patterns and emotional challenges. 


If what I am sharing speaks to you, I am ready with open ears to start your healing process! 

Rikah Thomas


Office Manager

Rikah Thomas has been serving Family Focus staff and clients since January 2012. She has over thirty years of ministry, leadership, and business management experience in both for-profit and non-protfit organizations. She has used her experience and skills to support and help serve our staff and clients well. Rikah enjoys managing the business side of ministry and non-profit services with excellence, professionalism, and a commitment to growth. Her focus is to sustain a healthy and impactful team as we reach our community with hope and provide a safe place for others to navigate life challenges and changes.


In her personal life, Rikah is an award-winning artist, a mentor, teacher, and author. She enjoys inspiring hearts and minds through words and art as she shares her life's journey through her books and oil paintings. Rikah's work as an author currently includes 8 published works.

Rikah received her Biblical Studies training from Liberty University and is an experienced Biblical Counselor with over 15 years of experience. She is currently pursuing certification as a Life Coach. 

Check out Rikah’s website for updates, blogs, and upcoming book information or to commission an art piece. Her books are available at

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